The popularity of residential CCTV has grown exponentially over the last decade, though the first CCTV-enabled home security system actually emerged in the late sixties. This has shifted the focus away from mass surveillance towards individual security and property protection, a fact which has not gone unnoticed by many consumer security companies.

Consequently, cheap home CCTV kits, and more elaborate DIY options such as smartphone monitoring, are now available in most hardware stores. Yet, should the desire to save money on home security, or to be responsible for installing your own security measures, supersede leaving your home CCTV installation to the professionals? Let’s take a look.


The price of CCTV installation

The cost of setting up CCTV cameras around your home will vary, depending on the quantity and image quality of the cameras you are thinking of installing. While dummy cameras are available from roughly £10, they will ultimately do nothing to improve your peace of mind, particularly in an actual emergency where you may need footage of an intruder. Furthermore, adept burglars are capable of recognising fake cameras, so, by installing a dummy camera you could very well be putting a target on your home and providing the intruder with the necessary motive to attempt a break-in.

At Bridger Security, we offer a wide range of CCTV options that will meet all your needs. Included in the price of our professionally-installed CCTV service are high definition cameras, a network video recorder and video storage capacities that can vary from 2TB to 16TB or even more depending on your needs.

These are all features which would need to be purchased separately if you were considering installing home CCTV yourself, adding to the overall cost of your system and to the level of complexity of the installation itself. Citing of the equipment and proper configuration of the cameras to get the very best picture can’t be efficiently undertaken by a non-professional. With Bridger Security, we can provide a free home survey and make an informed recommendation on the number and image quality of your home CCTV cameras.


DIY CCTV installation may look like it could save time, but that is not the case

Every CCTV installation is different, and the amount of time it takes depends on the size of your home and number of cameras you need to have installed. Wired alarm systems take time to install, as wires will need to be drilled into walls around each camera, all of which have to connect to a central power and data storage system. At Bridger Security, we offer a variety of options including decentralised, multi-onsite recorders and multi-PSUs. Our security experts will ensure that wires will be discretely and sympathetically routed to the required locations for cameras and associated equipment. Our skilled engineers are well experienced with working in private dwellings and are more than competent in finding intuitive and mutually satisfactory cable routes. Where cable routes are practically possible we do have several options that can be explored to resolve the problem that may include wireless transmission.

For a non-professional, getting to grips with the instruction manuals and determining the appropriate locations to set the system up, as well as the time you need for the actual installation itself, will prove to be more intricate and elaborate than what you had initially planned. Conversely, enlisting the services of a professional security expert, like the highly-trained team of engineers at Bridger Security, is always a wise choice. For Bridger Security engineers, a standard CCTV installation can take between one and two days for the average residential property; this also includes setting up devices to accommodate remote viewing as well as optimising the equipment to provide the best image in all weather conditions, maximise recording space, provide 24/7 health check monitoring and having service staff available 24/7.


Never attempt to undertake the CCTV system installation yourself

The ultimate benefit of having CCTV installed professionally is the knowledge that it will be carried out by professional and experienced engineers thus minimising the possibility there will be defects or operating faults with the equipment. This will absolutely reduce the chances of any repairs needing to be carried out on your system—which, in any case, should be best undertaken by an expert engineer as the proper maintenance and service of a CCTV system are of paramount importance to ensure the faultless operation of the equipment and the effective protection of your property. All Bridger CCTV systems are installed by specialised technicians with years of experience, who can make sure that your home is fitted with the best cameras for your requirements.

This also means that our engineers can explain the ins and outs of the legal requirements of home CCTV; if your external cameras are positioned incorrectly and filming outside of the legally mandated area of your property, you could be in breach of data protection laws. We can ensure that your security system complies with all regulations, whilst still providing the most effective coverage of your home.

So, if you are considering installing residential CCTV yourself, think for a moment about the time, labour and money you could be saving by getting in touch with a professional CCTV provider instead. Above all, a professional security company will give you the peace of mind you need knowing that your CCTV system functions properly at all times. For more information and a free survey, contact Bridger Security today.