A recent Co-op report claimed that, according to former burglars, properties which prominently displayed CCTV cameras were the least likely targets for thieves. Yet a 2017 Which? survey showed that only 10% of participants bothered to have security cameras or a home CCTV system installed outside their homes. Considering this benefit as a deterrent, it remains surprising that more homeowners do not invest in these security measures.

Similarly, many businesses overlook the advantages of CCTV when considering their security measures. The most recent report from the British Retail Consortium claims that retail crime—a term which covers shoplifting, as well as theft and damages further up the supply chain—cost British retailers a total of £700 million last year. Damages caused by shoplifting alone made up £500m of this figure, a rise of 15% on the previous year’s figure, and one easily prevented by visible CCTV systems.

While burglar alarms and a high-quality lock on your doors are seen as essential security measures for business and homeowners, installing cameras is somehow considered less important, despite its clear benefit as a deterrent. Here are the advantages of CCTV installation for both domestic and commercial use.


Advantages of home CCTV

• CCTV is a major deterrent for burglars

According to the most recent government figures, “2 in 100 households [were] victims of domestic burglary” over the year the data was gathered, with 40% of incidents taking place during work hours when fewer people are likely to be home.

Consequently, having cameras pointed at your home’s doors (through which 70% of burglars gain entry to a property) and windows (the remaining 30%) is the best method by which to determine when a burglary took place, as well as making it easier to identify an intruder. This is particularly beneficial in cases where criminals have scoped out a property before breaking and entering, as you will be able to review footage and determine just how many times certain individuals have assessed a property over time. This could then halt a potential break-in before it takes place.


• CCTV can be monitored from your phone

There are factors which can put some people off installing security cameras at home, particularly the potential for invasion of a neighbour’s privacy, many of which are exacerbated through DIY home CCTV installation. However, as discussed earlier, a prominently-displayed and professionally-installed high quality CCTV system can be a considerable boon to the security of your property and a deterrent to any would-be burglars.

Modern CCTV security systems also enable you to remotely view the footage of your CCTV cameras on mobile phones and tablets, so that you can monitor the security of your property in real-time.


• CCTV can save you money

CCTV can benefit you from a financial standpoint as well. Many home insurance policies offer substantial discounts for homeowners who have had security cameras installed on their property. This is because their capacity for deterring intruders will reduce the likelihood of you needing to make a claim in the first place.


Advantages of CCTV for businesses

• CCTV is versatile

As noted previously, hundreds of millions of pounds are lost each year as a result of theft, and this applies equally to office-based businesses and retail outlets. Regardless of how your organisation’s physical premises are used, CCTV systems will be beneficial to your business; different types of CCTV camera are best suited for different premises and purposes.

Dome cameras, for example, are ideal for interior use, thanks to their inconspicuous design, whilst bullet cameras—the kind seen in silhouette on CCTV signs—are easily spotted and make for an effective deterrent to potential intruders out of office hours when positioned on the outside of your business. No two CCTV systems are alike, and the surveillance you choose for your business can be tailored to suit your budget.


• CCTV allows you to monitor unknown visitors

Whilst it is crucial to adhere to laws surrounding employee rights when you install CCTV cameras, setting up security cameras in an office or retail store is most important when it comes to monitoring visitors. Having a visual record of anyone on your company’s property is vital in the event of any attempted break-in or vandalism. The benefits of CCTV systems also extend to how the footage is used; the CCTV systems outside of your premises can provide vital evidence in court, not only by potentially capturing an image of a criminal’s face, but the date and time of any incident as well.

Whether you need infrared night vision, wireless remote viewing or a large amount of storage to review any footage taken, Bridger Security can provide you with security cameras to suit your business’s needs. Contact us for a site survey today, and we can help you design the right CCTV system for your premises.