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Domestic & Commercial Burglar Alarm Installations

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While there is no single solution to effective property security, homes without visible security alarm systems are 3 times more likely to be broken into. Burglar alarms are, therefore, a crucial element to comprehensive protection.

All our alarm systems are recommended and installed on the basis of our free, no-obligation security survey. Our aim is to identify and instal the best burglar alarm for you and your property, from wired to wireless alarms, on both domestic and commercial premises.

Bridger Security offer two main types of burglar alarm, audible only and monitored alarm systems.

Audible Only Alarm Systems

Also known as non-monitored alarm systems, upon activation the system’s internal and external sounders begin making noise to ward off intruders and alert people in the local area.

If the alarm system is not manually switched off after approximately 20 minutes, the sounders will automatically stop. A flashing light will continue signalling an activation until manually switched off by a resident or designated key holder.

Audible only burglar alarms rely on a few basic components which will vary depending on the requirements of a given site. Each alarm system can provide invaluable security benefits to both commercial and residential properties. The key features will include one one or more of the following:

  • Control equipment
  • Remote keypad
  • Door contact
  • Passive Infrared Detector (PIR)
  • Dual technology detector
  • Internal and external sounders

All of these features will be discussed with you following an on-site security survey. Our surveyors will also be able to offer guidance on any extra equipment options, such as Smoke Detectors and Personal Attack Buttons for home alarm systems. With audible only alarms you also have the option to have a wireless system installed.

Monitored Alarm Systems

Alarm receiving centre

A monitored or response alarm contains all the basic components of an audible only alarm system, but rather than relying solely on noise to deter burglars and alert local residents, monitored alarms send a signal to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Here, the signal is assessed to exclude the possibility of false alarms and passed on to the appropriate authorities.

There are three reliable signalling methods used by response alarm systems to communicate with ARC:

  • Digital Communicator
  • BT Redcare/ GSM
  • Dualcom

The installation and use of both monitored commercial alarms and monitored domestic alarms is governed closely by The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).
A security alarm system cannot be monitored without ACPO approval; the police will not respond to calls from the ARC unless the alarm system has been approved for monitoring. There are a number of requirements which must be met in order to attain this approval, including having your alarm system serviced at least twice a year.

ARC supports its automated security software with experienced staff in order to reduce technological errors. ACPO approval requirements are also designed to minimise failures which could trigger false alarms, and to maximise intruder apprehension.

Alarm System Servicing and Care

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Bridger Security’s servicing contracts are designed to ensure your burglar alarms are well maintained, and that unwanted false alarms are kept to an absolute minimum.

As we have already mentioned, ACPO require any response alarm systems to be serviced by professional security alarm engineers twice a year. This may also be a requirement set by your insurance company prior to alarm installation.

Standard Alarm Maintenance

Our standard contract entitles the customer to a yearly service (twice a year for monitored alarm systems), access to our 24hr 365 days a year emergency call out service, a reduction in the hourly labour rate, and a reduced out of hours call out charge.

At Bridger Security we are proud to count ourselves as one of the alarm companies able to offer a 24hr emergency call out service to all our contract customers. This service is linked to the ARC, who take details of any commercial alarm fault or issue concerning house alarms and pass the information onto the appropriate engineer. You will then be contacted and consulted on the next stage of action.

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