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Access Control Systems

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Access control systems don’t leave the security of any part of your property to chance. Each gate, barrier and door can be secured with entry systems that enable you to monitor and control who has access to your premises, and who is kept out.

From the design of our video entry systems, to the installation of our proximity card readers, Bridger Security can tailor its range of access control systems to meet any property requirements.

Our access control product range includes:

  • Magnetic door release systems
  • Digitally coded locks
  • Proximity cards and tags
  • Voice and video entry phones
  • Push button release devices

Integrated access control systems enable you to exercise control over entry points across a huge scale. Using access control software to connect multiple security doors we can create more flexible entry control system. In conjunction with CCTV monitoring, you will be able to react to emergencies and change access protocols quickly and easily for a more bespoke and efficient security service.

There are a number of access control options which allow for greater control and flexibility:

  • Access groups: Only specific groups of people are given access to certain areas, permission may be granted and controlled through smart card access controls
  • Time zones: Access to certain areas is only permitted at specific times
  • Time and attendance: Keep a record of when individuals use smartcards, fobs or codes to access certain doors
  • Remote viewing: Control over maintaining and editing your access control computer network

Entry Systems

entry system

Door entry systems can be integrated with cutting edge technology in order to maximise property security. While basic systems may use audio entry, more sophisticated equipment include high resolution video entry systems.

Intercoms and video entry systems create the option for a more personal home security system, enabling residents to be directly involved in controlling who has access to their building. Thanks to our range of designs and installation expertise, Bridger Security entry systems also provide sleek, professional protection for a range of businesses properties.

It’s our job to make sure you receive the entry system which will provide your property, its residents and its contents with the most appropriate and effective level of protection.

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