For many of us, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. But for some unfortunate households, the festive period is marred by burglars and security breaches. Keeping your home safe and secure is of the utmost importance for every day of the year, but Christmas presents a prime opportunity for burglars as a lot of houses will be left unattended for extended periods of time due to the holiday season. Add to that the fact that a lot of homeowners tend to spend a lot of time away from their home either visiting family and friends or attending Christmas parties and events, the opportunities for intruders increase and break-ins become a less rare occurrence.

The prevalence of empty houses with expensive contents has led to an annual spike in robberies over the Christmas period, with burglary claims in the UK peaking annually in December. Experiencing a burglary during the Christmas holiday period is a particularly egregious tragedy.

Because of this, it is imperative to make sure your home is protected at Christmas time. Here are some special tips to follow in order to ensure that you have taken the necessary measures to prevent any potential break-ins.


Be careful when going away

Last year the BBC reported predictions that 12 million cars would be on the road during the Christmas period, as millions went away to visit family or for winter breaks. Thieves unsurprisingly prefer empty houses as targets for burglary, so it is important to do whatever you can to ensure your home does not appear empty, even if it is.

One way to do this is through pre-arranged routine visits from keyholding specialists. Our highly trained Key Guards can enter your property upon your request, turn the lights on or off, open or close the curtains, and generally, give your home the appearance of being inhabited, thus warding off criminals who may be observing the building and considering it as a potential target.


Don’t let decorations damage your security

Large-scale Christmas decorations can be one of the many joys of the season. Some households engage in friendly (or not-so-friendly) competition with their neighbours over who can create the most impressive, dazzling display of fairy lights. Having the most festive house on the street might seem important, but it isn’t as important as keeping your home safe. This is unfortunate, as sometimes outdoor Christmas decorations can put your home at risk.

If your house does not have an exterior electrical outlet, you might be tempted open up a window by a tiny crack and thread an extension cable through it. From a security standpoint, this is in no way advisable. Secure window locks are vital to any property’s safety but needless to say, they will be ineffective if the window is open. If leaving a window open is the only way to light up your lawn this Christmas, your best bet is to leave the front garden dark to keep your home safe.


Keep presents and valuables under lock and key

Ideally, no criminal would reach the point of snooping around your property on the lookout for expensive gifts, but preparing for this eventuality will only add to the peace of mind which is so important to family homes in the holidays.

The best way to conceal and protect any valuable presents is to lock them away in a security safe. Safes provided by Bridger Security can be installed and inspected by a highly trained professional security expert to make sure they are placed effectively, and in a high-security environment for full effectiveness.

If your valuables are hidden and secured in home safes rather than in unsafe locations that are easily accessible throughout the house, they will be safe, even if a burglar does manage to break into your home. Preventing any break-in at all, however, is the top priority. And to do that, you should make sure your home is served by a fully-functioning security system complete with alarms, CCTV, and the strongest locks. Contact Bridger Security today to schedule a free onsite survey during which, one of our security experts will assess your security requirements and come up with a plan of action custom tailored around you.