Burglar resistant windows are vital to keeping your home safe, so it’s a shame that many people overlook this crucial aspect of security. Ensuring you have secure home windows does take time and investment, but the reduction in burglary risk makes it more than worth your while.

When the Guardian spoke to reformed burglar Michael Fraser, one of his top tips for burglary prevention was “put locks on every window”. But window protection goes further than just locks. Depending on your house and the type of windows it has, there are more and less effective ways to secure your home windows.

How to prevent break ins through windows

As the former burglar told the Guardian, breaking in through windows is one of the most common ways a burglar gains access to a property. Preventing break ins through windows, then, is vitally important.

There are several secure and effective ways to make your windows more protective, each with their own strengths. This guide will help you decide which type is right for you.

Home window security bars

The most visibly secure option, security bars have been trusted by the criminal justice system to stop prisoners breaking out of facilities for decades, but what about breaking in?

Window bars, grilles and shutters are popular in high crime areas, and extremely difficult to break in through by their very nature.

Installing home window security bars is easy with the help of a professional security firm like Banham. If you are worried that window bars will look brutal and off-putting, then ornamental grilles can fit in with the decor of your home for a much more visually pleasing result.

How to secure windows without bars

You do not need to use bars to keep your windows secure though. There are many other options you can trust for window security:

Window locks

Most homeowners pay far more attention to door locks than to their window locks. This is a shame, because securing your windows is just as important to home security.

There are several kinds of locks that will improve window security. At Bridger Security, we offer multi-purpose locks, and there is no need to worry about which will best fit your window, as we will carry out a full survey prior to installation.

There are different types of window locks:

  • Keyed window locks. As the name suggests, these are window locks with keys. Commonly used on casements and sash windows.

Reinforced glass

Reinforcing your windows’ glass is a great way to up your window security without adding locks or bars. You can also reinforce window glass even if you do choose to add locks and bars to increase security even more.

Reinforced glass windows have tempered glass or laminated glass instead of single or double glazing. These types of glass are stronger and more difficult for burglars to break, meaning if anyone does attempt to break into your home through your windows, they will draw a lot more attention to themselves as they bash the same spot over and over to break through the stronger glass.

There is, however, one caveat to this. If a window is not secured with locks, it may still be vulnerable to burglars. They could simply force open the window manually rather than breaking the glass, making the strength of the glass irrelevant. That’s why locks are always advised as a more effective measure against break ins.

If you are looking to increase the security of your home and specifically of your windows, feel free to browse our pages and discover a comprehensive selection of window locks, gates, grilles, and shutters that will ensure your property is well protected.