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Safes are a highly effective means of protecting your most valuable possessions. Bridger Security are confident that all of our safes can offer a high standard of protection across a huge range of applications. In order to get the most out of your safe, it is important to first understand how factors such as the potential contents and location of a safes can influence the security model and installation.

All Bridger Security locksmiths have an advanced knowledge of safe installation, opening, and repairs within domestic and commercial properties. Whether you are seeking a safe for jewellery or legal documents, we can provide a solution which protects these items from damage, theft and fire.

Our on-site surveys are carried out by experienced locksmiths and safe engineers, these inspections are always highly confidential. For any property owner considering safe installation, use professional guidance from the onset of your research through to purchase and installation. Ensuring confidentiality is crucial to maximising the security of your safe.

Home Safes & Secure Storage Cabinets

home security cabinets

Our safes and secure storage cabinets incorporate state of the art technology with carefully considered, high quality installation to meet customer security specifications. We can help you find the right place for a concealed wall safe, and carry out safe installation discretely at a time which suits you.

If, however, you intend for your security storage cabinets to remain visible, as is the case for some commercial applications, then we can provide options with aesthetic gloss finishes and metallic paint work. This will give your commercial safe a professional, well maintained appearance; in a high security environment, protected by CCTV cameras and high security door locks, increasing a safes visibility should not compromise security.

In order for our safes to be strong and secure, our services must be flexible and long lasting. From floor safes to wall mounted installations, we will provide advice and assistance today, and even help you retrieve your valuables later down the line if you ever find yourself locked out.

Find out more by speaking to one of our safe engineers today. Call 01962 733231 and arrange a confidential onsite survey.

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