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A mechanism as simple as the lock on your front door can speak volumes about the security of your entire property. Investing in a maximum security door lock is, therefore, crucial not only to preventing an attempted break in, but also to deterring an attempt in the first place.

We Use Banham Locks

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Since 1926, Banham have provided door locks for homes and businesses across London, making them one of the most experienced lock providers in the UK. Through Bridger Security, this wealth of experience is now available to properties across Hampshire, alongside cutting-edge door lock security technology.

The high standard of Banham’s locks has been widely acknowledged, earning them the title of Police Preferred Specification.

As part of our free, no-obligation security survey we will be able to advise you on the best door lock to suit your property requirements. Our specialists take into consideration a host of geographical, infrastructural and aesthetic factors to ensure you receive the right security door lock for your home or business.

Some of the door lock features available through Banham include:

  • Door cylinder lock & key protected by patent
  • 6 pin drill resistant cylinder
  • Maximum security differs
  • All locks conform to British Standard 3621, required by insurance companies across the UK
  • Patented design
  • Compatible with both internal door locks and external door locks
  • Secure 10″ striker plate on door frame
  • Banham registered lock and key
  • Exclusive coded key registration

For more information on Banham locks, key registration and additional security door lock features, visit the Banham website or take a look at the online brochure.

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