Security gates are more commonly installed on properties that may be secluded or detached. A security gate is one of the most effective ways to protect your property. Not only can they act as a visual deterrent to criminals they also protect it in practice.

Security gates are bespoke and are manufactured and designed for the specific openings or door ways for these properties, hence they come in many styles and shapes. Please refer to the guide below to security gates and why you might need one.


How do security gates work?

Simply put, security gates keep your property safe by increasing the level of difficulty for people trying to get inside. These gates will either be too high to climb or feature spikes that will dissuade anyone that is tempted to try and get over them. At Bridger Security, we also offer internal collapsible gates that can be hidden behind curtains or blinds and provide an additional layer of security to your home or business.

Bridger Security gates are made from steel which is either powder coated if installed internally or hot dip galvanized, making them resistant to corrosion for many years.

For those willing to invest extra for more sophisticated security with additional features, electric gates can add extra convenience and protection by providing you with easier access to your property. These are gates that will either slide or swing open automatically. For increased convenience, there is the option to add a video entry system to enable you to screen visitors at the front of your property before they get to the front door.

There are a number of different access control devices that simply open and close electrical circuits to operate the gate motors.

The gate may be opened at the gate itself using devices like remote fobs, card readers or key pads, GSM entry systems, mobile phones or tablet devices using apps providing a modern alternative to traditional keys.



Does my property need a security gate?

You should consider purchasing a security gate if your home is in an area with a high risk of crime. However, even if you live in a rural area where the chances of a break-in are low, a security gate may still be worth the investment. Rural security gates can prevent trespassing, by ensuring wanderers stay off your property.

Security gates are also essential for many businesses. Not only do businesses need to protect against individual threats, but security gates will also allow them to control the traffic of cars coming onto their premises.


What sort of protection should I invest in?

The type of gate you should invest in depends entirely on what kind of property you want to protect. If you live in a small home, then a smaller manual front door bar gate is most appropriate. These are simple, no-frills gates that will do their job of protecting you, and are less in cost than electric gates. You can add designs and patterns to make the gate look more pleasing.

You could also invest in a security grille in this scenario, popular in areas of higher security risks. These grilles can be installed over windows or doors, and their decorative features additionally make them popular for aesthetic reasons. Security shutters also perform a similar job.

If you are securing a larger residential or business property, then it might be worth buying an electric security gate. Many can be integrated with CCTV, intercoms and access control systems that, as shown, can allow you to control the gate from afar, leading to greater convenience.

These types of systems can, in turn, ensure you are even more protected, with CCTV cameras not only allowing you to monitor your own property but proving to be great deterrents for criminals.

If you are thinking of spending on added security for your property, Bridger Security offers a wide variety of gates, grilles and shutters to cater for your security needs. Contact us today for a free and no obligation on-site survey.