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All of the gates, grilles and shutters that feature in the Bridger Security range have been designed and manufactured to provide unobtrusive security solutions. Our aim is to deliver the highest possible level of physical protection to our customers, without creating an oppressive atmosphere that may compromise peace of mind.

Security Gates

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Electric security gates are a sophisticated shield against trespassers, unauthorised vehicles and potential criminal damage. Applications vary between properties and specific customer requirements; our experienced security gate installation team are able to identify the right solution, and introduce bespoke options to maximise both security and customer satisfaction.

Heavy duty metal gates are often the right choice for commercial premises, while more decorative front door bar gates are more suited to residential buildings. These metal gates and all the options in between effectively deter opportunistic thieves whilst actively improving the safety of employees, residents and the building infrastructure itself.

Security Grilles

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Window and door grilles have been a consistently popular security measure for properties in high crime areas. However, with the increasing range of ornamental designs and colour finishes now available, they are becoming a more common feature amongst residential properties.

Our security grille range can cater to privacy needs. We can install internal or external diamond mesh grilles over windows, or to the needs of residents and employees who don’t wish for internal window access to be restricted.

From the early stages of buying bespoke designs, throughout installation and into the aftercare process, Bridger Security will be on hand to offer expert advice and assistance.

Ornamental Grilles

Home security will always be the main motivation for installing security grilles over vulnerable entrance points on a property. However, with our ornamental grilles range, the atmosphere and aesthetic appearance of your living space can also take priority. Decorative grilles are ideal for residential properties, and can be designed and tailored to match the character of your home while providing a constant level of protection.

Bridger Security bespoke ornamental grilles are the optimal unobtrusive security feature for both internal and external entry point applications. These grilles are finished with a corrosion resistant powder coating to ensure the longevity of its decorative appeal.

Security Shutters

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Security shutters are a valuable and versatile property protection feature. As well as creating an impenetrable layer of protection, our window and door shutters also insulate against sound, light and heat, enhancing the level of privacy inside the building.

All our security shutters are robust, flexible and able to provide a consistently high level of protection. However, shutters for windows and others to secure garage doors are usually designed and fitted to very different briefs. We have large steel shutters for commercial application, or to protect domestic properties from vehicles, and lighter aluminium security shutters to protect against less severe risks.

Many of our electric security shutters can be installed with manual and remote operating systems. In the event of a power failure, the shutters could be adjusted and utilised to continue providing optimal level of security.

At Bridger Security, we aim to equip our customers with the security features they need to feel safe and secure at all times. While our burglar alarms and CCTV systems play a crucial role in crime deterrent and criminal apprehension, security gates and shutters are a much more immediate barrier against crime.

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