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High Security Doors & Door Furniture


Front doors are one of the most important features of any residential building. They provide a way for homeowners to create and express an aesthetic identity for their property. However, they are also one of the strongest indicators of a good property security system.

Bridger Security have an expansive range of security doors and door furniture to ensure that property owners are sending the right message to their guests and also to potential criminals.

All of our security doors are designed to deliver highest level of protection, while harmonising with the appearance and character of the building. We have a variety of panelled door designs ranging from classic Edwardian to modern decor.

The door furniture and additional security door features we offer are all selected because they offer an opportunity to enhance the security and safety of our customers. Every component of our doors, from heavy duty hinges and locks, to draught excluders and lever handles, are safe and reliable.

Our high security door features include:

  • Multi-point locking
  • Adjustable hinges and hinge side deadbolts
  • Spyhole
  • High security door locks
  • Steel frames and inner metal core

Fire Doors

fire door with secure lock

Our fire doors are built to match heavy duty briefs and comprehensive safety requirements. Manufactured with fire resistant panels, air tight seals and steel or dense timber bodies, these doors prevent the spread of fire within a property. All of the hardware that we use for the design and installation of fire doors and security doors are fire rated.

Security door installation and maintenance are both as important to effective long term security as the product itself. At Bridger Security, we pride ourselves on providing a high standard of security door installation, door furniture fitting and comprehensive aftercare service.

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