Your front door is the first line of defence for your family and possessions, so whether you have just moved into a new home, or your old door is in need of an upgrade, investing in a Bridger high security door will provide complete protection without compromising the aesthetics of your door.

Choosing a door that meets your budget and design spec will depend on your security needs, Insurance requirements and whether you live in a conservation area or in a listed building. You will also need to consider additional security, such as, a door vue, door chain, hinge bolts and a letterbox protector, Bridger security offers a free, no-obligation survey to help you decide which are the best options for your door. Read on for our step-by-step guide to which front door would best suit your property.


What choice of material do I have for my front door?

Among the best materials used for front doors are wood and steel. Bridger Security offers traditional style wooden doors using 4 or 6 panels with 1.5mm steel sheet or a completely bespoke door to your design. You can also find high-security steel doors, all custom designed to your specifications.



Our standard wood finish is Accoya which is a sustainably grown wood and its properties are improved without adding toxins, helping to protect threatened species, rainforests and the environment. Its ability to absorb water is greatly reduced, thus making it more dimensionally stable reducing swelling and shrinkage by up to 75%. Applied finishes should last up to four times longer giving the added benefit of less redecoration and maintenance needed. Accoya exhibits bending properties, which is an important attribute for any security door which needs to flex rather than fracture when under attack. Bridger Security offers Victorian, Edwardian and 1920’s style doors in Accoya, or even a completely bespoke door to your design.

Wooden doors are relatively resistant to wear and tear as scratches to solid wood doors are easy to repair, but require regular painting and varnishing to look their best. Wood doors can also be custom made to fit any size opening or trimmed to a specific sized doorway.



A Banham Plus Security Door is certainly stylish, but beneath the attractive exterior hides a formidable security barrier. All our door models contain individually formed frames with stainless steel thresholds, specially formed metal door leaves, triple-hinges with chrome-plated finishing caps, four 16mm hinge side protective pins, durable finish inside and outside, and drill resistant plates to protect locks. Fire rated doors are also available.

Steel doors can offer security and weather resistance just as well as wood doors. Steel is also energy-efficient. At Bridger Security, you may also find a range of bullet-proof doors and glass up to FB6 standards for customers with special security needs. All ballistic tests were carried out to the strictest standards.


Further enhancing the security of your front door

If you are considering installing a window for your front door; letting light into your hallway or entryway might look aesthetically pleasing, but it can also entice burglars. If the window is located within an arm’s reach of your lock, it would be easy for an intruder to smash through, unlocking the door from the inside. If you are considering a window, ensure it’s made from security glass, either clear or frosted, depending on your design requirements. Banham doors can be ordered with beautiful fanlights with fonts and numerals. Should you wish to increase the levels of security for your property, you can always take additional precautions such as security gates to prevent any risk of intrusion.

Many burglars will also try to kick in your door during a burglary. One further way to deter thieves is by investing in a British Standard 3621 door lock. We would recommend using two of these locks on your front door one positioned at shoulder height and one positioned at knee height. A mortice deadlock that sits inside the door housing and needs a key for both inside and out, and a night latch, which can be hand-operated from the inside.

Regardless of your material of choice, you should always enlist the services of professional security engineers to have your new door replacement fitted to ensure a proper installation and a quality service. Take advantage of Bridger’s free onsite survey and one of our highly-trained security experts will help you choose the perfect front door for your property.